You’ve traveled and you’re tired. You want to drop off your bags, relax and get settled, maybe have a nap. We get it. However in order for your time with us to be as comfortable and pleasurable as possible we’ve got to make sure that the room you’ll be staying in is military commando, full metal jacket style clean. This takes time, ages in fact, thats why we dont let people into their rooms before 2pm.

So now you have some time to kill. Here’s a list of potential things you can get up to while waiting for 2 o’clock to swing by.

1: Breakfast

The most important meal of the day they say. A line I first heard in Sylvester Stallone’s seminal classic “Stop or my mom will shoot”. I have no other memories of this film except that even at the inquisitive age of 6 my mind was upset and confused while watching it, refusing outright to process the information on screen. Anyway Dublin has about a million cafes and about 50 of them do a nice breakfast. For sandwiches i’d go to the Dublin Food Company on Andrew Street and The Metro Cafe on South William Street has a nice sit down atmosphere for a more substantial feed.

2: Museum

Go to a museum stupid and get ler-ned-ed.

3. Pint

Grab a lovely, lovely pint. Why not save some time by combining pint drinking with museuming (i think i may have made up a word/pastime, how cromulent of me). The Guinness Store House over in St James’s Gate is the birthplace of the beautiful blackstuff that has been at the heart of all things romantic and tragic about Ireland. Its influence has formed relationships and its aftermath destroyed them. The tour is great by all accounts and afterwards you can have a free pint in the upstairs bar which has a spectacular view of the city.

2. Relax in our common room

Both our hostels have a common room with a selection of DVDS’s and computer consoles. We also have pool and foosball tables where you and your travelling companions can hustle some other guests out of some extra spending money like Wesley Snipes and Woody Harrelson in White Men can’t Jump. Its also a good way to get a get a feel for the hostels environment.  Have a chat with whoever is working reception and please feel free to ask them any questions you have whether its about our Viking Pub Crawl, can you charge your phone, will Arsenal finish in the champions league spaces this season, who killed Kennedy, or what year it is…

1. Free Walking Tour

We provide a FREE! Yes free 2 and a half hour walking tour around the city. It begins at 11 am by the central bank and after it you’ll know more about the city than most Dubliners do…

That should keep you occupied, if your not into any of them just lock yourself in the toilet and play Candy Crush Saga or something…

All the best now!


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