1.Eat Breakfast

The most important meal of the day they say. Considering you’ll be in the pub all day you may want to line the stomach a little. Get yourself over to Dublin City Food for a big breakfast sandwich that’ll keep you going till the afternoon.

2. A quiet one first

Head into town and plonk yourself in Nearys for a quiet one to catch your barings and plan the day ahead.

3. Avoid Templebar

Goes without saying.

4. Flip a coin for 17:59

The two best spots for the main event i think are outside Grogans on South William Street or in Dame Court by the Stags head. Flip a coin to choose where.

5. Moderation is key.

Moving onto cans may save you money, pick up some Stout in your local Centra so the funds remain acceptable.

6. Catch a gig

Guinness have sponsored a haype of bands to come over and play in secret venues across the city and country. Them folkers from Mumford and Sons played Toners last year while Primal Scream played some god forsaken place in Waterford or something. If you happen to know where Bobby Womack or Janelle Monae will be, please let me know.

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