A Few Things to Do on Aurthur’s Day

1.Eat Breakfast The most important meal of the day they say. Considering you’ll be in the pub all day you may want to line the stomach a little. Get yourself over to Dublin City Food for a big breakfast sandwich that’ll keep you going till the afternoon. 2. A quiet one first Head into town […]

Five Things to See at This Years Fringe Festival

Songs in the Key of D Smock Alley Theatre Dublin City has given the world some of the most moving, articulate and passionate songs ever written. This choral exploration aims to explore this tradition of song-making by paying homage to these musical experiences while rooting them in the present day tone of the city. The […]

Three Things to See on Culture Night

Every year buildings of cultural importance open their doors to the public for one night free of charge. On Friday the 20th of September you will have the chance to explore and understand what exactly goes on behind the scenes with guided tours and employees available to answer whatever questions you may have. Here are three […]

5 Things to Do in Dublin (Before the 2pm Check in)

You’ve traveled and you’re tired. You want to drop off your bags, relax and get settled, maybe have a nap. We get it. However in order for your time with us to be as comfortable and pleasurable as possible we’ve got to make sure that the room you’ll be staying in is military commando, full […]

The Top 7 (Yes 7) Best Pubs in Dublin for a Pint of Guinness

Happy Friday first off. Now we have the small talk out of the way lets get down to the issue at hand. Pints are delicious. Lovely lovely pints. I can’t get enough of them. If it wasn’t for work, monetary issues or family concerns about health, id be in a pub from open till close […]

That Didn’t Go to Plan…

GOOD EVENING DUUUUUUBLIN! How are ya? How was the weekend? Grand? Good man. Meself? Sure let me tell ya… Moving onto things Avalon and Kinlay related, which is really what this blog should be about (i am blog tyrant, Benny Amin), we have a ramshackle bunch inside our doors this weekend with the Liverpool and […]

What to Do This August Bank Holiday…

Crazy busy weekend here both in Avalon in Kinlay. This morning was like the Brit awards in 1995 with wave upon wave of bleary eyed, fringe covered faces trudging off into the Dublin labyrinth after a night of Blur infused antics. Here’s how my experience of the night went… Arrived, avoided the 40 minute wait […]

Here Comes the Sun Doo Do Doooh Its Gone Again

Well that was nice wasnt it? Since we last spoke we had one glorious week of sun. Ice creams and sunstroke for all. I managed to catch the tail end of it which I spent prancing around with my top off and laughing in the face of harmful UV rays while my sizziling skin screamed […]

We Nearly Forgot to Tell You….

Don’t forget to check out Temple Bar Night MarketBrought to you by th Temple Bar Company, Temple Bar Night Markets are back and will run every Thursday of June, July and August, starting on the 5th of June. The markets will feature the work of artists & craft makers and street entertainment from music to painting […]

Where the Hell Have You Been?

Months! Months since we’ve talked… Hows it goin? You’re lookin well sure. Any news? Ourselves? Ah ya know yourself… After a weekend in which we welcomed a Napoleonic army of rugby fans to our hostels we are beginning to return to normal. This is not to say our Gallic friends left the place looking like […]