I remember when i was a young fella Halloween was a period of great celebration, you were on your mid-terms and borderline diabetic as your liver struggled to digest the four kilos of sugar coursing through your veins. This later progressed to drinking in fields and trying to get off with the girl from the school down the road before she or her friend had to go to hospital for alcohol poisoning. Looking back now it seems as if the end of October is just another excuse to attack our bile producing buddy, except this time you’re in fancy dress!

5. The Gravedigger Ghost Tour

Join your guide as he takes you through the weird and wonderful events that have taken place in times gone by, unearthing legends and ghosts from Dublin’s past. The Ghost Tour Costs €25 Per person . The duration of the bus tour is approximately 2 hours. They also throw a free pint in from the pub with the best Guinness in the city so happy days i suppose.

4. The Northside Ghostwalk

With more than a thousand years of history, Dublin is one of the most haunted cities in the world. Hidden Dublin Walks will take you through some of the oldest parts of Dublin city centre. This is another good way to get your barings of the city and it sounds like a bit of a laugh also.

3. The Dublin City Halloween Pub Crawl

Its a pub crawl, you’re travelling so no doubt you’ve already been on one. This one is different as people are dressed up in provocative clothing. You’ll mingle better because you have something to talk about. Have a good time.

2. Halloween Hellfire Excursion

Generating more myths than the sex life of Louis Walsh and quite like the man himself, the Hellfire Club exudes an eerie presence. This excursion will involve you hopping on a bus in the city centre from which you’ll be dropped off and given a guided tour of the ruins. This may genuinely be the most eerie experience you can have in Dublin this Halloween and potentially the most violent if the hordes of knackers who like to drink up there every second weekend take an umbrage to you disturbing their session.

1. Samhain Festival

This is basically a Halloween music festival in the depths of Marley Park woods. Everybody will be dressed up, the bands are deadly and tickets are relatively cheap. Go see Solar Bears and dance your banshee booty baby…

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