Well that was nice wasnt it? Since we last spoke we had one glorious week of sun. Ice creams and sunstroke for all. I managed to catch the tail end of it which I spent prancing around with my top off and laughing in the face of harmful UV rays while my sizziling skin screamed for sunscreen. In Avalon and Kinlay some of our more sun-cultured guests merely looked at the sky then back to our sweaty, sunburnt faces with an expression that sighed “is this what you call heat?”. Now the skies have crept back to their dishwater dullness and we can get back to wearing jumpers in mid-June.
Tonight Rhianna is shouting her head off in the Aviva and we are completely booked out with girls attempting to do the same to Avalon and Kinlay. We provide free earplugs at the desk if it all gets a bit much.
Today also marks the opening of the fabulous weeklong Dublin Pride Festival. The obvious highlights will be the parade next Saturday and Shirley Templebar’s 16th anniversary bingo session in The George this Sunday. There’s loads going on at this so have a look at their website for further details http://www.dublinpride.ie/.
So thats that really. I promise i wont be away so long next time. If you cant wait till the next post sure book yourself into Avalon or Kinlay and we’ll have a chat about nothing and everything.

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