How are ya?

How was the weekend?

Grand? Good man.

Meself? Sure let me tell ya…

Moving onto things Avalon and Kinlay related, which is really what this blog should be about (i am blog tyrant, Benny Amin), we have a ramshackle bunch inside our doors this weekend with the Liverpool and Celtic match on in Lansdowne. Who cares says you, well nobody i suppose, its just a friendly but sure isnt it the taking part that counts. At the desk right now in Avalon we have the female dream team of Elena and Katarina who are drowning in cider edged compliments from the lads just off the ferry. Town will be an interesting social cocktail tonight with these boys and the quality from the horse show in the RDS brushing off each others elbows at the bar.

If you are not going to the match then the one and only place you need to be tomorrow is in the National Concert Hall to see Spiritualized play their Ladies and Gentleman album in full with a feckin orchestra! Tonight there is a Bob Dylan appreciation gig going on over in the Academy with two of the lads from the Strokes playing. That could be hit or miss to be honest.

Finally for those not following us on twitter get your act together, also leave us some nice feedback on Facebook like a good lad or ladenette…

Right, im off to mass… G’luck!


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