Legendary Kinlay Pizza

Alfredo shares with us this ancient way of preparing pizza, a family secret directly from Rauch, Argentina.  He prepares this tasty pizza every Wednesday night at Kinlay, for everyone and tonight, he is giving you his master recipe in 5 simple steps, so you can do this at home.  Thanks Alfredo!!!

Note: The ingredients given are for 6 or 7 pizzas

1)   Making the volcano, but be careful, don’t let it erupt

In a bowl or straight on a table spread the 2 kg of flour in a volcano shape, add 8 sachets of yeast powder and a bit of water in the middle of it and 4 tablespoons of salt around the outside part of the volcano.

) The volcano erupted…now mix the lava and make some magic

Blend all the ingredients with your hands and add more water as needed, take it out of the bowl and knead it until your dough is getting shape and leave it there resting for 20 minutes, so it grows twice its size.

3)  Getting red

While the dough is growing we don’t waste any time and we start preparing the tomato sa

uce. Cut in very small pieces, 4 garlic cloves and cook them in a sauce pan with a bit of olive oil, add 6 cans of tomato sauce and oregano and leave it there until the sauce is cooked, aprox. 15 mins in low.

4) The real thing

Separate the dough in 6 balls.  Knead them, place them in an oven pan stretched and spread the tomato sauce, add cheese and put it in the oven for 10 minutes in high heat.

5) Take a seat and enjoy

Take the pizza out of the oven cut in pieces, seat on a table and get yourself a nice glass of vino Tinto…

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