Happy Friday first off.

Now we have the small talk out of the way lets get down to the issue at hand. Pints are delicious. Lovely lovely pints. I can’t get enough of them. If it wasn’t for work, monetary issues or family concerns about health, id be in a pub from open till close gulping down on over 500 milliliters
of hopsy goodness.

Dublin City has over 1000 pubs, some great, some borderline dangerous. I’ve compiled a quick list of some of my favorite drinking establishments in the city that you may drop into if the thirst takes.

7) Grogans

15 South William St Dublin 2

The great thing about Grogans is its location. On the corner where South William Street and Castle Market meet, Grogans is a great spot to plonk outside and mimic that scene in Annie Hall where Woody Allen and Diane Keaton slag all those people in the park. An exceptional people watching perch which is of a major benefit if you run out of things to say to your drinking partner.

6) Stags Head

1 Dame Court, Dublin 2

Stags Head is the pub my Dad and his mates used to drink in when they were only young fellas. He says that its not as good as it was back in the day but he says that about marrowfat peas, Gaelic football, public transport and Sundays. I like it because the staff are friendly, you never have to wait too long to be served and the spill over from the other pubs in the area into Dame Court creates a pretty buzzing atmosphere.

5) The Long Hall

51 South Great George’s Street

The Long Hall is on the list because of its exterior and interior. Visually it has so much battered character that if it were a sentient being it would take the shape of Steve Buscemi on 80 Major a day. I once met Ray Darcy in there and i tried to introduce him to my then girlfriend. Her embarrassment at meeting her child crush manifested in anger towards myself and our relationship broke up soon after. She lives abroad now. Nice pints.

4) Nearys

1 Chatham St, Dublin 2

Nearys has one of the best drinking sections in the city. As soon as you enter take a left into the lounge. Then around the corner is a small section of bar that offers privacy, comfort and a great view of other customers which if you are a voyeur or perhaps a gangster with a bounty on their head for unpaid drug debts is ideal. As far as i know it is one of the few remaining pubs in the city with unionised bar man from way back when it was an esteemed trade to partake in such a profession and a mixologist was a cement turner from France.

3) Toners

139 Baggot Street Lower, Dublin 2

Easily the best smoking area in the city and backed up with some exceptional Guinness and great service.

2) Mulligans

8 Poolbeg St, Dublin 2

I first stepped foot in Mulligans when i went with my Dad to see Dublin lose to Meath in the 1996 Leinster Football Final. It was a roastin afternoon in July and i remember us getting kicked out at some stage because they did that thing where they close for a few hours in the name of God to have lunch or get scuttered themselves. Another example of religion based abuse administered upon the Irish public not even two decades ago. Mulligans insides look like that of a man who has been drinking his whole life, off colour red walls with the organs beginning to rot. They (much like 42 other pubs in the city) claim it was James Joyces favorite bar and Brendan Behan regularly drank there. Any bar that would serve Brendan Behan became a regular spot for him. I love it for the memories it holds for me and that you can buy Derry’s finest McCardles and Sierra Nevada on tap.

1) Kavanaghs or The Grave Diggers

1 Prospect Square, Dublin 9

The Guinness in this place has reached mythical standards. While debates about the best kebab in the city can tear lifelong friendships apart the drinkers of the city are united in proclaiming this spot to have the best pint in Dublin. A pilgrimage from the city centre is needed to reach this mecca of drinking dens but each stride brings your tastebuds a meter closer to paradise. Its located within a housing estate square beside Glasnevin cemetary so if your out that direction for a bit of sight seeing you really have no excuse.

Thats me done, im off for a lemonade…

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