November, its here, the slippery, icey slope to three hours of daylight and permanent runny nose is beneath our feet. Who else but a sadist would care to be anywhere but in front of a large fire, drinking brandy and developing gout. But sadists there are so here are some free events you and your evil minded, cold worshipping friends can do this week as an alternative to staying inside in the warmth.


Rock and Raggae Night

Fibber Magees

Rock (Hooray) and Raggae (eh…) night in Dublins most popular metal bar. Im surprised about the reggae element. Anybody not in boot cut jeans and faded Norwegian death metal t-shirts may feel a little unwanted.


Star Trek 2, The Wrath of Khan Screening

Workmans Club

This is the second movie from the original series, a load of tripe that has developed cult status.


National Gallery Talks

National Gallery

Starting from 11:30 the National Gallery will provide a serried of free talks , public tours and documentary screenings. A nice way to spend the afternoon while waiting for the Viking pub Crawl to begin.


My Favorites, Walking Tour, Night Walk

19:00 The Spire

An alternative arts and culture trail presented by Emily Gallagher. She’ll bring you to Dublins best cafes, bars, markets and art spaces with a few interesting little stories along the way.


Thank Goth Its Friday! Horror short film screening 15:00

Bleeding Horse,

Camden Street

Just up from our Avalon Hostel is the Bleeding Horse. There is an art space somewhere inside the Dali-esque design of their interior (a labyrinth of stairs to nowhere). This art space will be showing a range of short horror films from three o’clock till about five. Something different.

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