Crazy busy weekend here both in Avalon in Kinlay. This morning was like the Brit awards in 1995 with wave upon wave of bleary eyed, fringe covered faces trudging off into the Dublin labyrinth after a night of Blur infused antics. Here’s how my experience of the night went… Arrived, avoided the 40 minute wait at the bar, danced like it was 1999, Leo Burdocks, then home to bed like a good lad. The boys themselves must have been wrecked this morning with the amount of after parties going on in the various venues about town. A rather enjoyable way to kick-start a four day party it must be said. And yourselves? Just what does one do on a bank holiday in Dublin?

Well, those who haven’t hopped on the bus to my mothers very own Tullamore for the Castlepalooza festival have a few options to keep themselves adequately entertained. Shes not really from Tullamore to be exact you know, but a little town on the outskirts called Mount Bolus. Great drinking in that town and if you bump into a Mahon there tell them you know me, sure you might get a free one out of it. However the chances of you ever, ever ending up in the time warp that is Mount Bolus are about as likely as Da Vinchi re-animating to do some tile work on our third floor toilets.

Anyway, all the way from New Orleans come the Hot 8 Brass Band mixing a big bowl of funky, sexy, good time jazz gumbo in the Sugar Club tonight from 8pm. There’s a lot of hype around this gig so get yourself there early to grab tickets. If your sick of the city, pop on a DART out to Bray for the Summerfest which has loads of live music and a funfair to keep the kids entertained while you neck Bulmers from the beer garden with the other parentals. Heading further south by about 4 kilometers is my hometown of Greystones which has its own Americana and Roots festival in the Beach House pub by the harbour. Its safe to say i’ll be well ensconced behind its doors shouting that my baby done left me on the last train from the crossroads and sipping on sweet, sweet bourbon. The Cujo Family at 10pm Saturday will be the weekends highlight id say.

By the way fellows have you had a gawk at our Facebook pages? And i’m sure you’re following us on Twitter, Rhianna is! Ok thats a lie but there is a Rex. Fair play ta ya Rex.

Anyway have a gawk and if you’re feeling friendly leave a comment about how great we are because come Tuesday we’ll all be feeling a little down and fearfull…

Lovely talking to you as always…


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