Its pretty quiet here today, both in the hostel and on the streets. But for a single solitary pidgeon bobbing its head on York street my commute to work resembled a stroll through some empty, 28 days later, post apocalyptic metropolis. I know why, its because its a bank holiday Monday and everyone is in bed. In an hour or so people will rise, placing their hands on their head to stop it from crumbling to tiny alcohol filled pieces. Slowly making their way to the bathroom the shame of polluting their body will be magnified and intensified by the confusion staring back at them in the mirror. Why am i covered in glitter and dressed as a pirate? The real horror kicks in when they look towards their bed and they realise they’ve spent the night with a smurf who has also ruined the good sheets. Halloween is fun. A blog was done last week on the five things you could and should have done for the final days of October, a touch premature perhaps as now im left with absolutely nothing to write about this week.  As a result i’m just going to list five events that are on around the city for you to indulge in that will cost you cheapskates absolutely nothing!


The Comedy Crunch 21:00

Stags Head

Located in the basement of The Stags Head in Dame Court, the Comedy Crunch is a weekly night that shows off some of the up and coming comedic acts Dublin has to offer. At times brilliant, more often teeth clenchingly cringey, its just as much fun to laugh at the terrible acts than laugh with the fun ones.


Doolin 19:00


A load of lads from France! Playing Irish Trad! Sexy yet racked with guilt about it.


Crime Writing Workshop 10:00-16:00

This is included just for its sheer uniqueness. A rake of famous best-selling crime authors are providing free workshops around the city in the afternoon in various locations.


Phoenix Park by lamplight 16:00

A stroll around the park illuminated by faint lamplight. You’ll be told about the more sinister side of Dublins major grrenspace.


The Dub Liners 19:00


Im gonna confess, i have no idea about these lads. They could be a tribute act to the beard kings or they could be a reggae band fond of puns they mightn’t even be lads! Either way its free so what do you care?

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